As You Listen to the cool sounds of                  OSO LOUNGE, you may ask..... who is BT?


Bryan Tanner’s decades long evolution through the music industry is the stuff of legends. From sitting with his mother as a young Texan soaking in the sounds of Maze and Earth, Wind & Fire to curating one of the most dynamic hour of music online today through The Oso Lounge, he’s fought tooth-and-nail to spread his passion.

 Starting his professional journey during the heyday of music retail, Tanner found himself being looked to as a local tastemaker.



“I wanted to effect positive change by exposing them to something that they couldn’t hear on the radio, he said. “I could affect those sales or buzz on an artist. It was an adrenaline rush for me because this was my zone. When I was playing music for friends and you see them bobbing their heads to the music, you can feel the energy. It was a thing about always being in that element.”

Following his time playing football for Baylor University’s Bears and earning a degree in Computer Programing, Tanner turned an internship for Polygram Distribution into a full-time Southwest college rep position.

300x300 HBCU BT covered copy.png

“On a college level, I was making sure college radio was playing our music and I threw events and parties on a college level at the major HBCUs,” he explained. “Once I got that fire in me, I kept wanting more.”

That fire led Tanner to Los Angeles where he spent some time working in marketing until a promotions position allowed him to work with rap legends including Juvenile, Mary J Blige and Kirk Franklin among others. Taking himself back to the Lone Star State and eventually to Atlanta, he worked as a field-marketing rep for BMG.

As the dynamics of the music industry shifted into the digital era, Tanner made a professional audible using his years of experience to create Oso Lounge. Using Mixcloud, an online music stream service dedicated to DJ mixes, the sixty-minute experience is the accumulation of his lifelong dedication to building bridges between ages and musical genres.

 “I think my first ever mix that I published was around the time Heavy D passed,” Tanner said. “I was in the mood of playing Heavy D’s hits. I put that mixed together and uploaded it with an intro. The rest is history.”

 Travelling beyond his initial fear with starting Oso Lounge, the channel has grown to have produced 85 mixes, earn thousands of followers and become a proving ground for artists both nationally and abroad. With a goal of growth and more widespread acceptance by genuine music aficionados,

“I want listeners to have that Ah Ha! moment where their hearing something that’s jamming,” Tanner added. “I want listeners to get acquainted with sounds I play on Oso Lounge to where they go beyond just being acquainted with the eclectic vibe.”